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Due to decay and fractures, this patient wore a lower partial denture for over a decade. Seeking improved eating and comfort, he came to our dental office for an implant consultation. An examination by our dental team revealed he had worn front lower teeth. Using the advanced 3D radiography we have in our dental office, along with guided implant surgery, we placed six lower dental implants in his mouth precisely. These implants restored his ability to chew comfortably with back teeth. We also repaired his fractured front teeth on both arches. With natural-looking ceramic crowns, our dental team helped his smile regain its radiance. Witness the incredible transformation implants gave this patient!


This patient came to our dental team dissatisfied with her uneven and discolored teeth. She longed for a smile makeover that exuded natural beauty, while avoiding an overly white and artificial appearance. After consulting with our dental team, she opted for a ceramic shade of veneer that reflected a more authentic aesthetic. She then embarked on her journey to achieve the smile of her dreams. With the completion of her veneer treatment by our dental team, the patient was overjoyed with the remarkable outcome. The results surpassed her smile makeover expectations, leaving her unable to contain her radiant smile as she proudly showcased her transformed teeth. Witness the genuine satisfaction and sheer delight radiating from her face. This is a testament to the power of the personalized and natural-looking smile makeover our dental team provided.

This patient came to our dental office dissatisfied with her smile, burdened by numerous large fillings in her teeth that were not only old, but they were also discolored and worn. Seeking a transformation, she asked our dental team for a smile makeover that would complement her professional aspirations. Despite her attempts at teeth whitening, achieving the desired brightness seemed elusive. Harnessing the power of modern dentistry, our dentists devised a comprehensive solution. Through a combination of all-ceramic crowns and veneers, our dental team unveiled a smile that exceeded this patient’s wildest expectations. Her elation was palpable as she reveled in the brilliance of the final results of her smile makeover. Witness the extraordinary metamorphosis after her veneer procedure. Her confidence soars with her newfound, dazzling smile—an embodiment of success and beauty.

Veneers Before
Veneers After

This patient did not like the gaps in between her upper teeth and wanted her teeth to be brighter. She did not want to move the teeth with Invisalign so Dr. Joobbani closed her spaces with a set of front tooth veneers to give the patient a gap-free bright white smile.

Tooth Colored Bonding

Single Front Tooth Implant

Metal Free Restorations

Full Upper Arch Bridge

Full Mouth Rehab

This patient came to our dental office having dealt with a condition that weakened her teeth from a young age. Her dental health had suffered greatly because of constant fevers and exposure to well water. Decay and damage affected all her teeth, leading her to lose confidence in her smile. Little did she know that a complete mouth rehabilitation by our dental team , she could restore her dental health and transform her life. Witness the incredible transformation after our dental team used ceramic crows to make her smile radiate with newfound beauty and confidence! Her smile journey serves as a testament to the power of modern dentistry in restoring both oral health and self-assurance.

Full Mouth Rehab Before
Full Mouth Rehab After

This patient experience severe wear on all of her teeth from poor alignment and grinding. Using full upper and lower crowns Dr. Joobbani was able to open up her bite and restore all of her teeth to the right size, shape, and alignment to return her back to a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile.

Broken Molar Crown

YES!! This is the same tooth!

Crown Bridge

This patient came to our dental office with teeth that showed years of oral health neglect. He refused to smile in pictures because of the state of his teeth. Our dental team placed crowns and he is no longer missing a front tooth. Look how healthy his teeth and gums look in the after photo!

Ceramic Crown

Ceramic Crown Before
Ceramic Crown After

Due to weakness of the teeth, severe decay, and advanced wear this patient needed crowns on all of their lower teeth. This restored his smile back to strong, full functioning, natural looking teeth.


Our dental team can replace teeth without implants as well. Sometimes a patient may not like the idea of oral surgery or may not be a good oral surgery candidate. Don’t worry, our dental team can discuss other fantastic and beautiful options to replace your missing teeth.


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